Una serata passata a leggere grandi libri è per la mente ciò che una vacanza in montagna è per l’anima. - André Maurois
Le montagne sono le uniche stelle che possiamo raggiungere a piedi. - Fabrizio Caramagna
La via verso la cima è come il cammino verso se stessi, solitario. - Alessandro Gogna
La forza della montagna è come la forza gravità sulla mia anima. - Heather Day Gilbert
Raggiungere la cima è facoltativo, tornare indietro è obbligatorio. - Ed Viestur
La montagna offre all’uomo tutto ciò che la società moderna si dimentica di dargli. (Anonimo)
Quando uomini e montagne si incontrano, grandi cose accadono. (William Blake)
Non cercate nelle montagne un’impalcatura per arrampicare, cercate la loro anima. (Julius Kugy)
I Monti sono maestri muti e fanno discepoli silenziosi. (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)



CHALET HIBOU                 

"I love not man the less, but nature more"   G.G. Byron


S. Pedicillo, Ritorno a Oz, 2017


A lovely little corner of conviviality by the lake to relax and escape into the silence and the majesty of the surrounding landscape. For those who wish to spend the day into the wild enjoying nature, fresh air and sun without reaching the top of the mountains. Alternatively, you can ride through the wide valley of By to the foot of Col Fenêtre, using our electric mountain bikes - by reservation only. A hangout away from confusion and hot cities, where you can enjoy an excellent happy hour tasting tapas - a degustation of some courses usually offered in our mountain hut, a little bit rethought to be eaten no obligation - and sipping a fine wine or a craft beer, while the sun sets. We are opened on Friday (from 3 pm until 9 pm), Saturday and Sunday (from 11 am until 9 pm) from 2nd June until 19th July. You can find homemade pies, appetizers, fresh milkshakes and ice cream! We open every day from 20th July until 25th August. We’ll be waiting for you to enjoy pleasant, happy and sometimes crazy days together… it is up to you! We are the pot, you are the magic potion…


Rifugio Champillon and Temporary Art

We are pleased to host the wall painting realized by Simonetta Pedicillo for the third year of our project Temporary Artwork.

"Some passions are innate, others make their way slowly and not without effort, just like walking to a mountain hut or to a peak.

For a long time the Alps have been simply a setting. Only later, getting older, I started hiking. It was the moment I looked at the mountain with different eyes. And the mountain embraced me and saved me so many times. It was then that the mountain stopped to only be a setting and became the very essence of my life and, as a consequence, of my artistic expression. 

When you get to the top, there is always a last step accompanied by a deep breath and that breath is the one that finalizes the effort. Then you turn, just to be able to watch the route taken. That is the moment when the mountain gives us back the same endlessly breath.

This work aims to fix that moment of silent osmosis. That moment of ancestral sense of belonging."

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