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The Canal "Ru du Mont"

Once upon a time, the old river “Ru du Mont” was clear and beautiful.

It brought water in the green and small valleys of Ollomont and on the sunny and flowery fields of Doues thanks to a clever mechanism that moved water between high cliffs across the mountain.

The water guardian, called “gare-ruisseaux”, controlled the water flow all day and all night long.

During his watch, he became friend with a white snake who secretely was a protectress fairy, an ancient spirit of nature.

Together, they guarded the river and its flows.

When the guardian’s time was over, the new one was afraid of the white snake and pitifully he killed him.

No longer having a guardian, nor her protectress fairy, Ru du Mont began to crack and crumble and cry.

Every attemp was in vain.

In 1949 the mountain was perforated again. A new tunnel was built and a new river arise to allow the water passage.

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