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Alta Via N° 1

L’Alta Via N.1, called “Giants high road” (alta via dei giganti), is a very beautiful and incomparabile hiking trail on the mountains of Aosta Valley.

It lies at the base of the higher European’s massifs as Monte Rosa, Cervino and Monte Bianco.

This special route offers to travelers superb examples of natural architecture ( the “pyramid of Matterhorn”) and rural architecture that is closely linked to mountain pastures’ life ( traditional buildings as Walser in the Valley of Gressoney and the Valley of Ayas).

You will enjoy nature and breathtaking landscapes, learning about new cultures and new places.

Alta via n. 1 is painted along the river Dora Baltea and its paths are really practicable and well-marked with an average widh of 80 cm, fully indicated.

The itinerary leads from Donnas to Courmayeur, with 17 daily stages from 3 to 5 hours each.

The mountain paths are only practicable during the best season (from May/June to October) because of snow and bad weather during winter.

The hiking trail develops on an average and high mountain level, at an altitude of 2000 mt, touching sometimes 3000 mt ( Col Malatrà: 2925 mt).

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