the mountain hut


The Building

The Mountain Hut “Champillon-Adolphe Letey” was opened on July 3rd 2005 and was named after the mayor of Doues municipality, mr. Adolphe Letey, in charge from 1951 to 1990, a strong believer in tourism development of this area. The Hut is located at 2465 metres, above the “Tza di Champillon”, where the local practice of cattle transhumance is still flourishing. The views from there, expecially of  Ollomont valley and Lower Valpelline, are stunning.

If you park your car at “Plan Detruit”, at 2000 metres, after a short walk you can easily reach the Hut, walking on a nice path surrounded by woods and mountains. The walk is enjoyable and suitable for every kind of hiker (more or less experienced, but also families and kids).

Mountain Hut Champillon- Adolphe Letey is open from May till October 31st 2017.

Our Services

We are aware of the vital importance of internet connection and for this reason we offer our clients a free wi-fi service, at set times during the day, so that you can check your emails, weather forecast and hikes itineraries.

During your stay with us, you'll learn to appreciate the simplicity of a sunset and sunrise in the middle of the Alps, as well as unpredictable thunderstorms or unusual snow blizzards occurring sometimes during the summer.

We want you to live the Mountain experience fully, either by contemplating the beautiful views, or by enjoying the tasty meals we offer. You can free your mind and  rest your body in our special relax area, or read a book in our library, sitting by the stove waiting for dinner.

Mountain & Wellness

To strengthen the marriage “Mountain & Wellness” we created some extra service available to all our customers.

Here the news for the coming season 2017!

Sauna & Hot Tub


After your long walk, grab, stretch and relax yourself in the meadows or inside the Yurta around the hut.we provide the mats.

Massagges e Qi Gong


FROM 22/07/2017 TO 30/08/2017

H. 16:00/20:00

Why a massage?

A relaxing massage after your walking at high altitude could be very helpful to speed up you physiological muscle recovery.

It improves blood and lymphatic circulation favorising muscle drainage and the reflux of venous circulation and all the liquids to the heart.

So useful on the limbs, especially the legs that worked long and intensely.

Cost: 15 euros per person (20’)


An ancient practice that blends sweet body work with an approach to awakening the senses and to the “ Blossom of Health”.

It is based on natural elements, wind, earth, fire and water, with simple but effective forms to give the body flexibility and strenght. Mind care, to let life weights go, immerse in a rejuvenating and relaxing environment of high altitude.

Cost: 10 euros per person

For Health and Wisdom for the benefit of Life

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